Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Asia - South Korea

Harro peopres

Hope all werr. Korea is quite a spot. Seour rooks rlike arr the other major cities only its spotress and there practicarry no viorence. Its the safest major city I've been in anywhere and there's no graffiti or rippy young wans anywhere. The owrwans give you more hassre gawking you out of it but thats about it. I was up at the DMZ today. I was hoping there'd be some major farr out with the missire being raunched and I'd be at the centre of some internationar incident but it wasnt to be :( there just busting my bawrrs

Anyways I'm outta here on Tuesday going on to Bangkok so we're going to a karioke bar tonight and a big theme park tonorrow. I'm all cultured out for now. I'll hit you's another mail in a few days

Hope arr is werr


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