Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Africa - Capetown

Howzit Peoples

I'm just finishing up the first leg of me trip with me sister Sinead and her husband Allan. Its absolutely flown in. When I arrived the first day there was a load of misty rain and I thought here we go but its been in the high 20's everyday since. Theres a hell of a gusting wind in these parts so its pretty cool to be out in it but that just means you'll get a sneaky burning but I've pretty much avoided that so far.

I've got to see a load of the sights around, I was in Robben island this morning and to be honest it was no Auswitz, I could probably piss in 20 years no bother, sure the views are stunning, what else would you want! But seriously it was good, I'm noticing my last couple of holidays always involve a trip to a prison/camp/brutal regime what have you. As Pat kenny would say its horrendous and brutal but highly entertaing.

I got to go see a super 14 rugby match here on Saturday evening after watching the Ireland - Wales game and it was class. We were sat in the corner of the stadium but we got 2 tries and a guy got knocked out right in front of us so we were fairly lucky to have all the entertainment in front of us. The minute I walked into the stadium I seen a lad across the way in a Munster Jersey, you cant go anywhere. We went back to me sisters place and had a braai (bbq) which they have perfected to a fine art thanks to the weather, they dont be burning or nothing. I had ostrich sausage (no sniggering) which was nice.

We travelled a good bit around the area and up to the wine country which is very classy. It basically is a big sunny exteded version of the K Club, all the lakes are fake, all the lawns manicured to within an inch of their lives. The blacks are free here but they seem to have ended up with all the shittiest jobs and lots of them too. We were leaving a shopping centre and there was a girl there to put the ticket in the toll barrier machine for you! I mean come on! Job satisfaction how are ye. The wine country area is pretty stunning, a lot like the canyon in America I think, its big country that just goes on for hundreds of miles.

Anyways I'm going to go now as this is my 3rd attempt to send this goddamn thing, the second draft was hilarious I'll have you know, I'm gutted for you more that you missed it. O well. Hope everyone is well. Let us know if the unions get us our money back

Belated Happy Paddys day



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