Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Asia - Cambodia

Sou Sdei

Greetings from Cambodia peoples. Its been a pretty amazing trip. I'm in a place called Sihanouk Ville in the south of Cambodia right now. I'm suffering from some bad burns from sunning myself on a beach yesterday, I know Sarah, I'm sorry. We went snorkling too and visited 3 islands in the bay. This is a resort town but as its only 15 years old its very undeveloped and its different seeing fields so close to a beach.

I did the homestay about 2 nights ago and while the day in the village with the folk was great - they had they're New Year celebrations while we passed through - the night was one of the hardest I've had on the trip. No air-con and this gecko decided to scare the living bee jesus out of me by squeling at me all night. Only that I had the mosquito net I would have been a goner I'd say. Went to see ankor Wat and all the temples. That was amazing too and the weather was 45 degrees celcius. Got to see the tomb raider type temples with the trees growing on top and over the temples. Its a shame cause the place looks like its about to fall apart any minute but they cant afford the restoration costs.

I seem to be hitting all these hot spots politically at the moment with the missile launch when I was at the DMZ and the protests in Thailand. Luckily I left Bangkok the day it all kicked off so it didnt affect me. I got to do some trekking in the jungle today, needlessly to say I wouldnt have lasted 2 minutes ina war out here. I was dropping sweatlike it was goin out of fashion, charlie would have me picked off in no time. I'm off to the capital Phnom Penh tomorrow and I'm not expecting too much, it looked like a shithole when I passed through on the way here though we will go to see the killing fields so that will be fairly sobering I imagine.

Li Huay


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