Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Africa - I've watched the rains down in Africa

It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never have

Greetings All

As most of you will be delighted to know not only is that line a quote of a classic choon by toto but also I have unfortunately seen the rain down in Africa but more of that later.

Its been a quite few days this last week in comparrisson to the first week in that I havent fell out of any canoes and/or planes this week but I'll try to buff it up to make it sound as entertaining as I can. The day after we left ze efficient German town of Swakupmond we headed up the coast north to a place called Cape Cross which also happens to be one of the biggest seal colonies in the world and let me tell you that within 2 minutes of getting of the bus you can smell for yourself how genuine that claim is! Lots of barking noise too, awful pleasant things they are, I suggest anyone to make a pet of them. Theres a cross there too cause some portugese fella landed there back in the day but he really should have kept going. Its just south of Skeleton coast and needless to say its not the best place to go sailing, very foogy which is surprising as you can see the dunes in the desert from the beach - very eerir place inthe mornings.

Anyway we headed back inland up north to a mountain called Spitzkoppe which bears an uncanny resemblence to the matterhorn if anyone has seen that. We got a walking tour up to this place called bushmans paradise which really was beautiful. It gets flooded every year in the rainy season but its totally enclosed at the top of the mountain so you have this valley at 1200 feet above sea level. We got to see the ancient bushmans cave drawings and although they wouldnt win any Texeco art competitions you had to respect that they had lasted for the odd couple of thousand years - take that crayons. The next day we took a walk around the "town" which consisted of one shop, in which you could get anything from a bar of chocolate to half a truck axel, a few assorted huts/houses, lots of old mercedes on bricks for some reason and a school. We went in thier and took some photos with the kids. They were all mesmorised by the fact they could see themselves in the
digital camera and posed accordingly for 50 gagillion* photo's. I played some footy with the lads as well and as a side note I scored a peach of a half volley but I didnt celebrate too much, I was just happy I could share my skill.

We headed on later towards Etosha National Park and just before we reahed our campsite in the last stover town we saw a Giraffe so that was pretty cool. We happened to reach our campsite to coincide with Namibias Annual Bikers festival. Needless to say they're as rough and rednecked as they are at home. Tattoo's and beer guts and you should have seen the lads wha? We went to the campsite next door but luckily not before getting treated to an all night Karaoke till 3am covering all the hits as lady Gaga's pokerface and other assorted German/Afrikaans hits.

Anyways we arrived at Etosha National Park the next day and we went off for an evening safari in the truck and we got to see a load of stuff like Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeast, Springbok, Oryx, Ostrich and assorted birds and topped it off with a female lion. The photo's look like any you'd see in a magazine but it is a big thrill seeing them up close and I'm delighted I got to do it. That first night it rained and thundershowered all night so we woke up pitched in a mini lake but at least the tents proved waterproof. The next day we were heading to our next campsite and we got to see a male lion just after he killed a springbok. It was really cool.

I hope thats some more news to keep you's interested. As per the last email you can still forward any complaints to that email address, I have a team set up and waiting to reply in a timely manner. Heard United lost last night. Phil Brown lost his job! Whats the world coming to?

Hope everyone is well.



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